Welcome to Wishbone Weddings, a unique and professional pet chaperone service. Allowing you to share your big day with your WHOLE family

About Me

Hello, welcome to Wishbone Weddings, I’m Cheryl.  I live in the North East of England with my Husband, Jamie, my daughter Mina and Jack Russell, Peggy.

From an early age I’ve always loved animals and after school I went on to pursue my dream of becoming a qualified and registered veterinary nurse which I’ve now pursued for over 15 years.

In my career I’ve worked for a busy veterinary charity, became a lead representative in pet well being, I’ve worked up and down the country in various practises which led me to work alongside the now famous ‘Super Vet’, Noel Fitzpatrick.

In my spare time I enjoy helping my husband, he is a wedding photographer, I love the buzz of weddings they are so special and exciting!

We got married two years ago it was the best day of my life! It was so important to us that Peggy came to the wedding, maybe not all day…but she had to play a part!

We found that due to all of our friends and family who we would normally trust to care for Peggy, were attending the wedding! This presented a problem as who would care for her on the day.

Through great efforts, she did eventually make it to the wedding and was our flower girl.

Due to our difficulties however, I had a eureka moment and imagined what if I could use my experience in animal care and the experience I’d gained helping my husband with his weddings and marry (excuse the pun) the two together.  My idea for a bespoke, unique, tailor made pet chaperone service came to light and Wishbone Weddings was born.










There has been such a rise in parvovirus cases over the last few months I wanted to write a blog to raise awareness and so to provide some information to hand should your pet become sick. Parvovirus is a really nasty virus that attacks the intestines and the immune system.



If you are interested in having your fur baby with you on your special day, please contact me below and lets have a chat.