Road trip!

Usually I post about Wishbone Wedding’s Adventures…but today I thought I’d post about Peggy’s Adventure.


For those of you who don’t know Peggy, she is our Jack Russell Terrier, who we rescued And is around 7 years old.

Peggy is big sister to my daughter Mina.

As most of  you do Know I am a Veterinary Nurse.  Peggy was brought in to the vets where I work as a stray, found wandering in a train station.

The vets is a busy, 24 hour working hospital and although all of the staff loved her very much and I knew she would be well looked after, I couldn’t help feeling guilty leaving her over the weekend.

I requested to take her home with me to foster over the weekend and let my husband know we’d have a lodger for the weekend and, well… she never left!!!

Peggy literally changed our lives from the moment she came home with me and has remained a huge part of our lives.  I particularly love the bond her and my husband have.

Peggy on our wedding day

Today we visited Cragside, An extraordinary Victorian country house, gardens and woodlands in the heart of Northumberland.

The house was the first to be lit by hydroelectricity in the world.

Peggy loved the gardens and streams the most and it was easy to see why.

The rock garden is one of the biggest in Europe and it leads you down to the Iron Bridge, which in turn leads to the formal garden.


With over 1000 acres to explore.  Forests, lakes and a labyrinth,  Peggy had an incredibly fun packed day, so much so we have decided to return again this week.


Time to buckle up

Betty’s Wishbone Wedding Adventure!!

We collected Betty from the groom on the morning of the big day and headed straight out for a walk around Hetton Lyons Country park.

After a lovely long walk, some play and many many gravy bones, we decided to go to the wedding venue early so we could explore the beautiful gardens.

Then it was the moment Betty had been waiting for:

Betty was so excited and she enjoyed meeting Her friends and family.

After such a perfect day it was time to head home for some well earned rest and cuddles.


Behind the scenes at the venue!

The South Causey Inn is situated within 100 acres of beautiful Beamish Valley Countryside.

This venue has a Warm , Cosy and Relaxed Atmosphere.

One of the reasons why we love this venue so much is because dogs are very welcome.

If you visit you will most likely meet the two resident dogs a Labrador and and Bulldog named Mr Rip.

Mr Rip is the face of ‘Rip Gin’ which you can buy from the bar.


Autumnal Warmth

Pennys Wishbone Wedding Adventure!

Wishbone Weddings first V.I.Pooch 🎀

14th October 2017

Autumn is such a beautiful time of year, all of the leaves change into vibrant colors of red, orange and yellow.

The early sunsets cast a lovely golden shade making it the most beautiful back drop and setting for a wedding.

Laura and Matthew incorporated the autumnol theme really well using lovely orange, rust, cinnamon tones with lush greens and wildberries.  Pumkins were used as centrepieces and the groom wore a tweed suit.

The wedding was at the spectacular Beamish hall although dogs are not allowed inside the hotel they are allowed in the well kept grounds of the hotel.

We collected Penny from the groom on the morning of the big day and took her straight for a walk, we had time for a nap and some play before heading to the wedding venue.

We waited excitedly for the bride and groom to arrive, Penny looked gorgeous in her flower collar.  A lot of guests and family members were happy to see Penny and she got lots of cuddles.

When the bride and groom arrived Penny was delighted she couldn’t wait to congratulate them. We had lots of water breaks and time to relax before heading back home.

Like always photographs were taken throughout the day so Laura and Matthew  can look back and cherish the memories and be glad that Penny was part of their special day.








Photo shoot with Khan

What an exciting day at Wishbone weddings, this morning Khan had a photo-shoot where he show cased some flower collars I made! What a perfect model he was, bless his heart.
I can make the flower collars to suit your wedding theme.

Photos will be taken throughout the day so you can see what adventure your pooch got up to on your wedding day.


First blog post

Busy Bee

Today I have been working on some beautiful flower collars, I cant wait to share some pictures of them.   Peggy will be modelling them and also a fellow Veterinary nurses’s dog call Khan who recently hurt his leg so hopefully the collar will cheer him up!21314317_1833684986922241_7059996361303834688_n