Wishbone Weddings

Hello to all of my followers, old and new!
It’s been a good while since I’ve done one of these but with the weddings back in full swing and a big boost in new followers
I thought I’d show you the face behind the dog leash & camera and give a short insight into me and my business 🙂

I’m Cheryl and I qualified as a registered veterinary in 2006! Yes, 15 years ago now 👵 meaning I’m very experienced at handling and caring for your beloved pet.
I still work at a busy veterinary hospital, I really love my job.

I got married 5 years ago and we really wanted Peggy, our rescue Jack Russell terrier to join us for a part of our day.
As everyone who would normally care for her was at the wedding it was tricky to organise…but against all odds she made it and she had the most amazing time.

This was my Eureka moment and I set up Wishbone weddings one year after in 2017 so that other couples didn’t face the same struggles as we did when it comes to having your dog as a guest at your wedding day.

My husband is a wedding photographer and I spent some time attending weddings with him to gain experience of wedding days, how things work behind the scenes, timings etc…not only that but I have picked up photography skills along the way. The photos that you see on my social media are the ones that I have taken from real weddings that I have chaperoned. They are a great piece of mind and keepsake for my couples to see the adventures their beloved fur baby has been on and the good care they’ve received.

I have now chaperoned at over 40 weddings and most wedding venues recommend my services and regurlarly share my posts or use them for their own social media marketing.

I love looking after your treasured babies. It’s so important that you can focus on enjoying your wedding day, safe in the knowledge that they are well cared for, in safe, experienced hands and are having a fun, carefree day.

Thank you all for your continued support, I couldn’t do any of this without you ❤️

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