Isolation and restrictions have meant that Peggy can’t have her usual 400 walks per day. 

Jokes aside dogs like routine unfortunately this has been taken out of our control for now so it’s important that we focus on things we can control like encouraging our pups to be mentally stimulated. 

Enrichment prevents boredom and destructive behaviour, encourages calmness and keeps their mind sharp.

I wanted to share some enrichment ideas and tips. 

Let’s fight boredom and turn this negative uncertain time into a positive time for you and your pup.  It is a good excuse for some precious bonding time. 

  • Puzzle games and interactive feeders.  I bought Peg a puzzle game from Aldi she wasn’t that into it however she loves her interactive feeder that my husband purchased from amazon.  It is a tumbler shaped transparent feeder.  Peggy has quickly learnt that if she taps it with her paw or noses it then her kibble slowly falls out of it. (I will show a video of her using it)
  • Kongs filling up a kong with your pets food keeps them busy and makes them work for their food.  You can also fill a kong with pet friendly peanut butter or Liver paste. 
  • Use an empty toilet roll. flatten one side of the toilet roll and tape it down with masking tape. Fill the toilet roll with treats or meat.  Flatten the other side same as before then cut a hole in the middle to get their senses going they can then shred the cardboard to find the treats. 
  • Snuffle mats are a homemade toy that provides dogs with an opportunity to sniff and search for hidden treats. The snuffle mat consists of fleece strips tied on to a rubber mat with holes in it. The loose ends of the fleece are on top and provide the hiding spots for the treats.
  • Egg Box simply sprinkle treats into an egg box and close the lid 
  • Doggy Massage there are lots of videos online showing you how to do this not only  is it great bonding for you and your pooch but it’s also very relaxing for him/her. 
  • Podcasts for your dog I’ve spoke about these is the past they can be found on Spotify ‘My dogs favourite podcast’ Give it a listen. 
  • Get the doggy toy box out
  • Fetch in the garden 
  • Sensory bubbles some dogs love to chase bubbles from a bubble blowing wand or bubble machine 
  • Social distancing walk – Try to Mix up your walks by choosing different routes I recently learnt that letting your dog sniff different scents on a walk can help tire them out almost as much as physical exercise.

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