Dental care

Peggy set some New Years Resolutions and one of them was to brush her teeth more regularly so I thought I’d share some vet nurse/dog owner tips on how is best to achieve this.

Healthy teeth and gums
Dental and gum disease

What you will need:
• A toothbrush a children’s toothbrush works well. I use a dual ended dog toothbrush from Virbac. One end of the toothbrush is big and the other end is smaller it just helps get to those back teeth.

• Dog toothpaste (do not use human toothpaste) Dog toothpaste tends to be flavoured appropriately and doesn’t contain lots of salt. I use Virbac Enzymatic toothpaste which is chicken flavoured (Yuk!)

• A quiet place with no distractions

• Time and patience

Take care when putting your fingers into your dogs mouth. I do not recommend it if your dog is likely to bite or become aggressive.

  1. Start by allowing your pet to taste the toothpaste from your finger.
  2. Gently hold his/her muzzle and insert your finger under the top lip on the side of the face.
  3. Rub your finger tip on the teeth.
  4. Introducing the toothbrush to the canine teeth to begin with (Canine teeth are the larger pointy teeth)
  5. Wet the toothbrush with water add the toothpaste
  6. Hold his/her muzzle to gently keep the mouth closed this is to stop him/her chewing when the toothbrush is introduced.
  7. lift the top lip on one side of the mouth gently start to brush the teeth
  8. Brush the upper teeth first then allow the mouth to open so you can brush along the gum line of the lower teeth.
  9. Remember increase the brushing gradually and stop if your dog is becoming stressed.
  10. Repeat on the other side.
  11. Now lift the the top lip at the front of the mouth these teeth are called incisors. Brush the top and lower set of incisors. We leave these teeth until the end as they are more sensitive.

Brushing the teeth is classed as gold standard the best way to keep your pets teeth clean however there are many products on the market that work well.

Vetaquadent – This is a solution that you measure correct amount and add it to your dogs drinking water it doesn’t have a scent or taste but it has anti-plaque ingredients.

Logic gel – Malt flavoured toothpaste that has enzymes which control the amount of bacteria responsible for the development of plaque and bad breath. No need for brushing but comes with a finger toothbrush to help apply the product.

PlaqueOff – A food supplement containing natural seaweed – shown in clinical trials to reduce plaque accumulation. This product is particularly good if your dog has a lot of plaque as it helps change the texture making it soft and easier to remove.

Chews and and toys help keep teeth clean too as they rub the teeth.


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