Christmas is such a magical time of year but It can also be a very dangerous time for your pooch. I don’t mean to be a bah humbug but the veterinary nurse in me just can’t help wanting to prevent things going wrong for you and your pet.


  1. Christmas puddings and Mince pies contain grapes, currents and sultanas which are all toxic to dogs. Take care if you’re planning on leaving a mince pie out for Santa just make sure it’s out of your dogs reach.

2. Chocolate contains a stimulant called theobromine which is toxic to dogs, be careful not to put chocolate gifts under the tree incase your dog decides to eat them.

3. Alcohol is much more toxic to dogs than to humans so mop up any spillages and never leave left over drinks lying around.

4. Macadamia nuts can cause weaknesses, tremors, vomiting and hyperthermia within 12 hours after ingestion .

5. Blue cheese, dogs are sensitive to an ingredient called roquefortine C

6 Artificial sweeteners one in particular called Xylitol is extremely toxic to pets it can be found in some cakes and sugar free gum. It causes liver disease and blood clotting issues.

7. Onions can cause stomach irritation which can lead to red blood cell damage and anaemia.

8. Cooked Bones all bones can become brittle and splinter easily this can pierce your dogs digestive system or cause an obstruction. To avoid this make sure you prepare the meat away from your dog and dispose of carcasses in the outside bin.


Christmas Trees – Pine needles can cause stomach upset, cuts in the mouth and in severe cases can puncture in the intestine. Try to hoover often keep the tree watered or buy an artificial tree.

Fairy lights – If your dog tries to eat or play with the lights then they may be electrocuted. You should try tape loose wires to the floor.

Poinsettia, Ivy and Mistletoe – All are mildly toxic they can cause drooling and vomiting.

Tinsel – It will make any vet/ vet nurse sigh if your dog eats this! As it can make its way into the intestines and you can’t just pull it out in one go as it can cheese wires the intestines so you have to make lots of little incisions in the intestines to remove bit by bit.


Batteries – Can cause chemical burns and metal toxicity always try to keep out of reach.

Silica Gel – commonly found in packaging they are not toxic but have been known to cause blockages in the gut.

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