Peggy’s Local Boozer

Today we visited Jesmond Dene, the Dene is one of our favourite places to walk.  I love that it is located close to Newcastle’s busy city centre, yet the park is so peaceful and tranquil.

Peggy loves exploring the many bridges and walkways and she especially enjoys paddling in the river at the bottom of the wooded valley.

I cant help but think its her favourite place because its close to her local boozer.


Peg’s local is basically a dogs pub that allows humans too, it has a super chilled vibe and is renowned for its amazing burgers!

Peggy ordered a Sundays roast,  described as soft chicken breast & Yorkshire pudding in cat flavored gravy.  She washed it down with doggy beer called ‘bottom sniffer’

Other bar snacks are available, like, Dog pop corn,  Dog ice cream and Natural Choice Sticks.

The Brandling Villa

Peggy stop messing around!! I think she’s tipsy she is copying the pose from the wall art!


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